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Landscaping tips from Systems Design

Keeping your lawn and landscaping looking great takes a lot of work, but with the right tools and approach, it doesn’t have to be hard. At Systems Design, we can help you with the watering to keep your grass green and flowers beautiful, but there’s much more to caring for your landscape than regular watering.

While we may not help with seeding or weeding, we still want to help you keep your lawn and landscape looking great. Give us a call at (262) 728-6400 to discuss your irrigation system or low voltage outdoor lighting needs.

Low angle sprinklers in action.

Lawn care guide

The grass in your lawn may not be the same as your friends’ across town — it may not even be the same as your next door neighbor’s. What works for them may not work for you. Here are some tips to ensure you’re giving your lawn the best care that will have your home or business being the talk of the town.

Know Your Dirt

Your grass is only going to be as good as the dirt it grows in, and if you’re not matching up the right grass with your soil type, you may be fighting a losing battle. If you’ve never done it, have your soil tested so you can understand what you’re working with in terms of soil pH and other essentials, like present or missing nutrients. Also, if there are any current problem areas, like bare spots in the lawn, test those sections separately as there may be a specific issue requiring separate treatment. Understanding the dirt that supports your lawn will help you fix any underlying issues to ensure successful progress toward a better yard.

Choose The Right Grass

Not just any grass seed will work for your lawn. Different grass will grow better in different climates and regions and in varying amounts of sun and shade. Be sure that the grass you choose to work with is right for your unique location.

Feed Your Lawn

Just like plants in a garden, your grass needs food, too. Nitrogen is one of the biggest factors in keeping your lawn lush and green. Testing can determine your soil’s current nitrogen levels and how much you need to provide with fertilizer. As with any situation, too much of a good thing is … not good. Create a schedule for yourself for when to feed your lawn and how much you’ll fertilize, then stick with it.

Fight Weeds

Sometimes despite our best efforts, weeds find their way into the lawn. It’s important to remove them quickly and effectively because they end up competing with your grass for nutrients, light and water, and you definitely don’t want your lawn to lose. Utilize grass-safe spot treatments when needed. If you have any areas where you’re planting new grass, don’t use any weed-and-feed fertilizers or things like crabgrass preventers, as they can end up hurting the growth of your new grass.

Ensure Proper Mowing

Determine the right mowing height and frequency for your lawn based on your grass type and what season you’re in. Over-mowing or cutting the grass too short can end up killing your lawn.

Water Wisely

Proper watering is essential to a great-looking lawn. Things like frequency and the amount of water used will make a big difference in ensuring the roots run deeper so your grass isn’t as susceptible to harsher conditions like drought or other stress. Luckily, our team at Systems Design will help you determine the right watering schedule for your lawn and professionally install the right irrigation system for your location.