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Underground Irrigation Systems

At Systems Design, we are your local experts at underground irrigation systems, installation and service. Whether you are interested in watering your home’s lawn or garden, keeping your business or commercial property looking great or ensuring your athletic field is always ready for the next big game, our automatic sprinkler systems can help.

Your new irrigation system will be integrated seamlessly with your property’s main water system, and when it’s in use, you can rest assured that the lawn is getting only the water it needs, helping you save time and money. If you are located on a lake, we offer systems that draw the water supply from the lake rather than your property, saving you even more money.

The rotary nozzle of the automatic watering system waters the juicy young green lawn grass. Selective focus.

Ready to get Your Free Irrigation System Estimate?

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Before we get started, our irrigation designer will meet with you to walk through your property. Together, you’ll discuss the landscape plan and the unique needs of your home or business. Once a plan is drafted, the designer will provide you with a written estimate — all for free.

Irrigation System Routine Maintenance Services

System startup: When spring finally arrives, you can call us to schedule your system startup. During system startup, one of our service technician teams will come out to your property, turn on your system and ensure each zone and head is working and properly aligned. If winter or snowplows weren’t kind to a particular part of your irrigation system, we’ll make all necessary repairs to ensure your lawn and garden are getting the water they need for the upcoming summer season.

System shutdown (winterization): Customers can begin scheduling system shutdowns/winterizations beginning Oct. 1. During winterization, one of our service technician teams will come to your property to shut down the system, evacuating any leftover water from your irrigation lines to help prevent freezing and damage during the harsh winter weather.

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Along with irrigation systems, we can help enhance your curb appeal with beautiful, low voltage landscape lighting. We will ensure you get the right lights for your needs and provide professional installation to complement the aesthetic of your home or business. If you ever encounter any issues with your outdoor lighting, we also offer expert service.

For a free estimate or questions regarding new or existing landscape lighting, give us a call at (262) 728-6400.